3 Fun & Creative Wall Décor Ideas for Pediatric Dental Offices

For many children, visiting the dentist can be an intimidating experience. Keep young patients visually entertained and reduce their anxiety through the use of wall murals. Wallpaper murals are an easy way to create an inviting atmosphere as well as a positive experience for children. Here are three fun and creative decor ideas that show how you can effectively incorporate a wall mural in your pediatric dental office.

Fun & Educational Mural Wallpapers

Helping kids better understand a dental procedure or about being healthy can alleviate their anxiety. Decorating a dental clinic with kid-friendly imagery, like that of our exclusive artist Edward Miller’s wall murals , can serve as a fun and educational tool. The Bright Smile wallpaper mural promotes oral hygiene, with characters demonstrating the proper way to care for those pearly whites. It even includes a few fun facts about teeth. Not only will this fun pediatric dental office wall mural engage and teach children about good oral health, but it will bring a colorful design to office too!

Bright Smile Wallpaper Mural in a pediatric dental office

Seek & Find Wall Murals

The best way to put a young patient at ease is providing a positive distraction. A seek-and-find wall mural is a fantastic tool for pediatric dental offices. As children and parents wait for their appointment, they can look for different objects hidden throughout the wall mural. Our exclusive artist Steve Skelton has created a many seek-and-find murals, all with differing themes. You can choose from scenes like amusement park, outer space, farm, and much more, giving you the option to pick a pediatric dental office wallpaper mural that best fits your practice’s look.

World in a Hurry Wallpaper Mural in a pediatric dental office

Under the Sea Wallpaper Murals

Imagine if going to the dentist meant going on underwater adventure, travelling through outer space, or exploring a jungle. A themed pediatric office offers a special and unique experience to a child, and creates a welcoming environment that makes it fun to visit the doctor or dentist. Using colorful images filled with friendly sea creatures, like exclusive artist David Miller’s Reef Life wall mural, will immerse young patients in a fantastic underwater wonderland. Kids will enjoy pointing out all the different fish, coral, and plants throughout the wallpaper mural. There are plenty of other fun-filled under the sea wallpapers for pediatric dental offices, such as Friends of The Sea wall muralOcean of Color wall mural, and Dolphin Dance wallpaper mural.

Here Come The Clowns Wallpaper Mural in a pediatric dental office

With some careful consideration and a little imagination, you can create a one-of-a-kind dental office that kids will love. Visit our Pediatric Dental Office section to see all of our recommended pediatric office wallpaper and wall murals. Want even more dental office wall décor ideas? Head on over to our Pinterest boards for more inspiration.

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